Flood in Romagna: the Italian Red Cross in action with over 300 operators. Fund-raising campaign opened / VIDEO

The bad weather hasn’t loosened its grip: floods and overflowing are hitting Emilia-Romagna hard. The Italian Red Cross has been engaged since the first hours of the emergency in rescue and evacuation operations, working to help the affected communities and territories

There are many people who have had to leave their homes and there are enormous needs that our Volunteers are tirelessly responding to.

To support the relief operations for the affected communities, we have launched a fundraising campaign that will allow us to remain at the forefront of this emergency.

Flood in Romagna: at present, about 300 Italian Red Cross Volunteers are on the front line in relief and assistance to the population and 87 vehicles are deployed

Specialised teams and vehicles have been mobilised and have arrived in the affected areas from Tuscany, Rome, Piedmont, Lombardy, Lazio, Veneto and Abruzzo. The CRI Regional Operations Room reports that volunteers and vehicles from Emilia Romagna are operational in all the affected territories.

“We are in constant contact with the Civil Protection and mobilised with the maximum of our forces to help the affected populations,” says Rosario Valastro, CRI President.

“We are grateful to all the rescuers who are on the front line and close to the people who are experiencing dramatic hours.

Special thanks also go to all the ordinary people and well-known faces who are supporting and relaunching our fundraising and the spontaneous ones promoted and linked to our official social channels,” Valastro concludes.

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