Ukraine, Italian Red Cross President Rosario Valastro in Zhytomyr and Andriivka

The note from Zhytomyr: the President of the Italian Red Cross, Rosario Valastro, arrived in Ukraine


CRI mission in Ukraine, first stop in Zhytomyr

The first stop of the mission together with a delegation of the Operations, Emergency and Relief Area of the CRI, this morning, in Zhytomyr for the inspection of the work site for the housing modules destined by the CRI, thanks to donations collected, to the displaced people.

The same ones that will also be built in the nearby village of Andriivka where, in the afternoon, the President and the CRI delegation met the local authorities and representatives of the Ukrainian sister organisation to take stock of the next steps.

Among the day’s stops was a meeting with the Ukrainian Red Cross volunteers who, thanks to the mobile clinics donated by the CRI, are able to guarantee healthcare in the most isolated villages.

“You are my sunshine and you will always be welcome here,” began an eighty-four-year-old ‘babushka’ also met on previous missions.

“Thank you for everything. Come back and see me again’.

This is how the Italian Red Cross recounts the first day of the mission in Ukraine on its social channels.

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